We’ve unlocked new potential in good, old-fashioned wood.

New Zealanders have been building with pine for over a century.
Now, Laminata is taking this humble building material into the future with prefabricated pine panels — the versatile, affordable solution for your next project.



Every family is entitled to a warm, healthy home. Renewable, reliable and affordable building solutions like Laminata Homes are one way we’ll get there. Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panel system is prefabricated for easy on-site assembly. Get it built fast and start enjoying the warmth, health and well-being that come with timber interiors.

We are working hard with Consent Authorities to bring a new way of building that brings 'high performance - affordable' housing in reach of families. We are focused on providing solutions in our own back yard first, so our 'Family Series' homes will be available exclusively within the Northland region in early 2018.

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Our range of robust, uniform fencing solutions combines our signature Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and our unique twin post system. All components are factory milled and delivered New Zealand wide, ready for your local installer. The result is great-looking, secure protection for your family.

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Why Laminata

Cross Laminated Timber

Why is Laminata paneling so strong? It comes down to its Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction. Standard timber boards are durable along the grain but not across it. Our CLT boards are made up of an odd number of perpendicular layers sandwiched together. The result is orthotropic, meaning it’s strong and dimensionally stable no matter which way you look at it.

Benefits of CLT

  • Structural strength and high resistance to deflection
  • Small format: no expensive logistics and moving machinery
  • Prefabricated for less waste and fast assembly
  • Affordability: Low grade wood transformed into a high grade product
Laminita Fencing
  • Face glue between
    adjacent layers
  • Layers along principal
    direction of panel
  • Layer perpendicular to
    principal direction of panel
From log to Laminata
  • Tongue and groove
    for easy assembly

Sustainable Innovation

Logs are harvested from New Zealand’s fast-growing and renewable Plantation Pine forests which are then efficiently replanted to ensure carbon absorption. The Radiata Pine is transformed with innovative technology into affordable, strong and durable building products. Saw milling residues such as saw dust and wood shavings power the heat plant drying our wood and leaving nothing to waste. Combining sustainability with innovation allows Laminata to present alternative solutions where unsustainable materials such as steel or concrete may traditionally be chosen.